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Solar Energy

We believe in sustainability. That includes sustainability of the environmental- and worker health and safety management of our manufacturing partners. For truly sustainable products that will stand the test of time, contact us today.

The Human Touch in Technology
The Human Touch in Technology for True Sustainability

Access to clean and affordable energy creates wealth and improves welfare. There is no shortage of energy, the sun provides a staggering amount each day - free of charge.

Alphatron specialise in providing the equipment and building the systems to harness this energy.

We believe that true sustainable design starts with selecting components that have been manufactured sustainably. This is why we insist on robust environmental management with our manufacturing partners.

We also believe in our social responsibility to look critically at worker health and safety management in our entire supply chain. Our products (which by many are considered “green”) should never result in pollution- or put the health of people at risk elsewhere in the world.

The key to making solar energy systems financially viable is to build them durable. Because the “fuel” is free, the longer a system lasts the lower the cost per unit of energy generated. Building durable systems with high performance requires a high level of technical expertise and experience, and this is what we offer our customer.

Alphatron was founded in the Netherlands in 1979. Alphatron currently employs over 300 engineers and technicians world wide.
Alphatron Pacific Ltd was founded in 1998 in Auckland, New Zealand, in order to better support our customers in the New Zealand and South Pacific regions.

Our experience and technical expertise in building quality solar PV systems, both off-grid and grid-connected, is second to none in New Zealand.
From our warehouse and workshop in Auckland we provide local technical support and repair services to our New Zealand and Pacific customers. Here we stock many quality components and equipment that we supply on a wholesale basis to the PV industry.

Call us Today to see how we can help you access affordable and clean energy in a sustainable way.